About HTJ

Born in France in 1984, John arrived in Tahiti, French Polynesia as a baby in 1987. He had the amazing opportunity to grow up in a tropical paradise surrounded by nature's beauty. It was the perfect environment to be inspired. Even as a child, John would draw and try to capture the beauty around him and he did so, relentlessly. Drawing wasn't John's only passions. He also loved surfing and skateboarding to the same degree of his art. It was this unique combination that were the precursors to this new style of Surf Art we have here today. Surfboards were the obvious medium to John. He first started by painting on all his own surfboards and skateboards. Then he painted all his family and friends boards. When he ran out of boards to paint, he then started to paint on pieces of reclaimed boards and scrap pieces of wood. He eventually moved his art to canvas. This was a completely nontraditional path that most artist do the other way around. John love creating art everywhere. A blank wall was the just a grand canvas for his art. He quickly progressed to becoming one of the first graffiti artists in Tahiti. John's love of rock'n roll and punk rock were more pronounced during this stage of his journey. It was this special mix of influences and passions that transformed this tropical, punky, surfer kid into the world class artist we see today. After finishing high school in Tahiti, John traveled to France and attended an accomplished art and graphic design school. France was a period full of new life experiences. From his first winter and the taste of snow, to the first time in the hustle bustle of a big city, Paris. Paris pushed John to open is mind to all the different styles art and artists. It was where he started showing his neo-tropical surf style art in museums, galleries and contemporary art exhibitions all over the city. He was also a influence to the graffiti and street art movement, bringing his never before seen style to the streets of Paris. After graduating from school in Paris, John moved back to his home in Tahiti. Armed with new tools and knowledge to prevent the normal starvation period most artist go through, John applied his natural artistic ability to become a successful and independent graphic designer. About a year into his new career, John couldn't escape his true self and had his first solo exhibition in his home country. It was the final culmination of all of John's life experiences, from painting on surfboards on the beaches of Tahiti to painting murals on the streets of Paris that made John the artist we have today. John currently has a special solo exhibition once a year in Tahiti. John is now a leading contemporary artist in Tahiti today. His murals can be seen through out the island and becoming beloved landmarks by the residents there.

“Now known as Hell Ton John, his art has evolved to creating this new style of sculptures/paintings out of reclaimed surfboards and skateboards. The same amount of heart, soul and effort it takes to tagging a wall goes into the creation of this new style of sculptural art. The movement and flow of his entire body is involved. “


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